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Nov 29 2009

D.Jays Mild Pepper Soft Biltong

Mild Pepper Biltong Packet

Mild Pepper Biltong Packet

Today I tried something new. I saw this product hanging next to other Jerky at my local servo and thought it sounded pretty tasty, but I’d never heard of Biltong before so I gave it a miss to start with.

Later, I visited the company website and saw that it’s a South African dish, so I asked a South African friend if she’d like some and she was over the moon!

Anyway, let’s get to the good stuff. I bought some of the hard variety for her, and some of the soft for myself. The packet I opened today is the soft biltong.

Opening the packet and taking a nice long smell rewards you with a rich meaty aroma, like a steak or a rich beef pie. It smells good, and strong.

The biltong is cut in smallish chunks, perfect bite size nibbles actually. The hard biltong was a long rope of meat and I’m guessing they simply slice that up to package the soft biltong like this. There’s very little seasoning visible, and they market it as marinated and dried so I wasn’t expecting very much. It’s certainly not oily, and unlike the soft commercial jerky it’s dry. There’s an oxygen absorbing sachet in the pack to keep it fresh and the use by shows a fairly short shelf life.

So how does it taste? The initial flavour is very mild. With no seasoning to come of on your fingers, there is none for your tongue either. But start chewing and you ge a very nice meaty flavour. The pepper here is almost non-existant to my chilli tempered taste buds and I’d say this would be suitable for all tastes.

A plate of biltong pieces.

A plate of biltong pieces.

The texture as you chew is fantastic, the meat has a lot of structure but no stringyness, breaking down pretty much like a steak would in your mouth. As you suck and chew there is a bit of salt, no sweetness. In fact the salt probably outguns the pepper just a little bit.

Before and during writing this review I’ve had the plate of biltong sitting next to me, and I just can’t stop putting it in my mouth. The pepper has stayed consistent, not building up., and I haven’t encountered any gristle or sinew.

I’m really quite impressed with this and will certainly buy it again!

Before I wrap up, a couple of negatives. It does contain the following additives: Flavour 621, which is Monosodium L-glutamate (MSG), Preservatives 202 and 250 which are Potassium sorbate and Sodium nitrite respectively. Adding MSG to food seems just a little old fashioned, surely we can enjoy it without!

OK, so that’s Biltong. A tasty meat treat indeed, good texture, strong meat flavours and a very high moreishness. This would go well with a Pale Ale and if you believe the marketting message on a pizza or in a quiche! It’s good value, an 80g pack for not much more than I paid for 25g of Jerky.  I think it’s Damn Fine.

Price AUD$6.95 / 80g bag ($8.69/100g)

Nutrition Information
Avg Qty / 100g
Energy 1245kj
Protein 55g
Fat, Total 7g
– Saturated 2g
Carbohydrate, total 3g
– sugars 3g
Sodium 1700mg
Iron 8.8mg
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