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Nov 27 2009

Territory Jerky – Camel Jerky

Camel Jerky PacketI’ll warn you straight away, this first review is not a glowing one. After deciding to put this site together I stopped of at a servo on the way home which I know has a pretty decent range of Jerky. I grabbed a packet of each of the Australian Territory Jerky flavours and headed home.

I started with the Camel Jerky because I knew it would be a mild flavour and not knock my taste buds for a six like I expect the hotter varieties to.

Now Territory Jerky is an old favourite of mine. In fact I’ve always considered their Jerky to be the real stuff, not like these over processed, foil wrapped abominations from snack food companies. So opening the packet the smell that greeted me was familiar.

The Camel Jerky has a very slight gamey smell. Possibly just my nose picking up on the unfamiliar meat, there is also a smell of burning, not so much a smoked smell, more a bushfire has passed through here recently smell. But it’s not bad, and like I said, is quite familiar and had my mouth watering.

Of course being a review it needed photographing first, so the moment was delayed.

Camel JerkyThe meat is very dry, and sliced fairly thinly but the chunks are generally of a good size. This by the way is it, these are 25g packs and you never seem to get quite enough. The seasoning stays put and I dont have to lick my fingers clean here, definitely no oiliness.

So how does it taste? Mild. That pretty much sums it up, the seasoning (Soy, Salt, Lemon Juice & ‘Spices’) is very mild and without chewing there’s very little flavour. No sweetness at all.

A mild flavour isn’t all that bad, but the real disappointment here comes when you chew. The jerky just crumbles like sawdust in your mouth, disintegrating very quickly. You can snap this in half like a piece of bark, and to be honest, that’s pretty much the experience you get, it’s like eating a piece of flavoured bark.

There is a mild meaty flavour if you really suck on it and a slight saltiness, but the meat has no structure and you’re left wondering if it’s really worth moving on to the next bit. Which I did of course, but the experience didn’t change, except perhaps for the gristle in the middle that was like chewing on an old shoelace.

So that’s it. Australia’s unique (possibly) contribution to the Jerky world, my first review, and nothing that deserves much acclaim at all. It’s pretty high in salt, expensive and tasteless, This gets a ‘Pretty Poor’ rating from me.

Lastly, the facts and figures.

Price AUD$4.50 / 25g bag ($18/100g)

Nutrition Information
Avg Qty / 100g
Energy 1392kj
Protein 68.6g
Fat, Total 3.7g
– Saturated 1.5g
Carbohydrate, total 5.4g
– sugars 1g
Sodium 2400mg
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Territory Jerky - Camel Jerky, 2.7 out of 5 based on 7 ratings

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