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Nov 27 2009

Territory Jerky – Hot Beef Jerky

Hot Beef Jerky Packet

Hot Beef Jerky Packet

Again, it’s ‘The Natural Taste of The Territory” whatever that means. I’m onto my second packet of beef jerky for the night, this one a spicier variety that I’m very familiar with. It has been a while however, and I sure wasn’t thinking about critiquing the stuff last time I hoed into a packet.

The smell of this was definitely better than the camel. A meaty, earthy smoked aroma which reminded me more of a good campfire than the random burning of a bushfire. Pulling it out of the packet it’s almost as dry as the camel, that is to say, this is a very dry jerky. (Dry enough that take a bit between your fingers and you can crumble it easily) You can see the seasoning coating the meat, but it’s not powdery and doesn’t really come off on your fingers.

I’ve had a drink, rinsed the mouth out and am ready to taste this jerky, I can see that I’m not having a proper dinner tonight! Anyway, for the firsy piece I just sit it on my tongue, let the flavour develop. Wait… flavour… I’m expecting some here, but I get nothing!

Again, this jerky doesn’t release it’s flavour without a bit of prompting. As my saliva soaks in there’s a mild tickle of spice on my tongue, but if I wasn’t expecting it I may not even have noticed it.

I’m hoping here that this will have a bit more structure when I chew, and it does. A bit. It’s fairly fibrous but holds together a little better than the camel did. Not through a difference in smoking techniques I’d say, more the natural characteristic of beef over camel.

Territory Hot Beef Jerky

Territory Hot Beef Jerky

To be honest, it’s still a bit like chewing cardboard. My good memories of Territory Jerky are quickly being dashed. Anyway, the flavour starts to come out now. I chew on a second piece and it builds up a little. To me, it’s mild to very mild, even after a few pieces, but I know that anyone without a taste for spice would probably call it mild to hot, especially if you’re popping these in your mouth one after the other.

You sort of need to. They are quickly broken down, and the flavour is actually a little moreish so you may actually want to pop another in your mouth. Don’t chew them too long though or the fibres become too prevalent.

As I go through the packet I do detect a slight sweetness, and I think if you were drinking a light flavoured summer beer it might compliment this rather well. As I finish the packet I’m not feeling as negative about this as I was the camel.

That’s about all I have to say on this one. Summing up, a very dry, mild to hot jerky, might be ok with a cold beer but wouldn’t be my first choice. It’s also fairly high in salt, though to me the flavour isn’t too salty. It’s… OK.

Price AUD$4.50 / 25g bag ($18/100g)

Nutrition Information
Avg Qty / 100g
Energy 1420kj
Protein 70.8g
Fat, Total 4.5g
– Saturated 1.8g
Carbohydrate, total 3.2g
– sugars 1g
Sodium 2100mg
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