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Nov 29 2009

What is Biltong

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Biltong is a cured meat, similar to Jerky but originating in South Africa. The manufacturing process and typical seasonings differ from Jerky. Where Jerky is a smoked meat, Biltong is dried, not smoked.

Biltong is usually prepared in long strips cut following the grain of the muscle, and it’s name reflects this. Biltong from the Dutch or Afrikaans bil (rump) and tong (strip or tongue). Often the meat used is beef, but many different meats are used for Biltong including game meats and Ostrich.

The most common ingredients of biltong are: Vinegar, Salt, Coriander, Black Pepper and Sugar or Brown Sugar. Variations may involve using: balsamic vinegar or malt vinegar, dry ground chili peppers, garlic, bicarbonate of soda, Worcestershire sauce, onion powder, and saltpetre as a preservative.

So what’s different about Biltong from other Jerky? Mainly it’s in the use of vinegar to marinate and cure the meat in addition to the drying, and the thicker, long strips used.

Read more about Biltong at Wikipedia.

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