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Dec 09 2009

Barossa Fine Foods – Beef Biltong

Beef Biltong from Barossa Fine Foods

Beef Biltong from Barossa Fine Foods

I’m so busy eating this Biltong it’s hard to stop and take the time to write the review. Barossa Fine Foods are the first company to send me some sample products, and I’ve enjoyed them very much.

Unlike most of the beef jerky and biltong manufacturers I’ve come across so far, BFF (I am NOT going to type it out in full every time) don’t just make jerky. They make, and retail a large range of smallgoods including bacon, salami, poultry products, pates and all sorts of other delicacies.

If you are in Adelaide I highly recommend seeking out one of their stores, and if not, they offer a wide range of goods through their website. The Barossa is normally famed for it’s fine wines, but our other fine produce can’t be ignored.

OK. So back to the beef! I didn’t weigh it, but the Biltong came in a very generous serving. There’s actually two pieces of beef in the bag, and the bigger one is not only about 25cm long but also nice and thick. I opened the bag and took a long sniff, rewarded with a rich meaty smell not unlike a german sausage.  It’s a slightly sweet, spicy aroma which for some crazy reason made me think of Christmas! I’ve tried to figure out why, and I think I can detect a touch of nutmeg, and it puts me in mind of egg nog and spicy mince pies.

Anyway, the Biltong is firm to the touch, not oily, not overly dry. This is a ‘soft’ or wet biltong and there’s just a little give if you push on it. There is a small amount of spice on the outside, but not too much.

Taste, wow! I really couldn’t wait to get my teeth into this and tore straight into it. The meat parted with little effort and is a good chew, but not a long one. Lot’s of structure, very little if any sinew or fat. BFF tell me that the beef is sourced from the South East of South Australia from a mix of grass fed and grain fed yearling beef. It’s a really nice piece of meat you’re eating here.

Sliced Beef Biltong

Sliced Beef Biltong

The spices aren’t strong on the tongue, and you don’t need them to be. I kept thinking nutmeg and then realised that it’s actually worchesteshire sauce I’m tasting. I don’t detect any coriander flavours, this has a more fruity spicy flavour than that. It’s slightly salty, but that just helps the craving for another piece, and then another. In some ways it reminded me of a good cut of ham, and I wondered briefly if it was beef at all!

In the end I sliced off a big chunk for myself, and have kept a portion to share with my friends, if it will last that long! It cut easily, and that revealed a lovely dark red center.

This is a quality meat product. A gourmet selection, not your everyday snack food. It has rich flavours and a beautiful texture. It’s certainly not hot, so it would suit all palettes, but it is very tastily spiced. *Edit – I’ve just been told by the manufacturers that it’s $55/kg which works out to be one the cheapest products so far. So I popped down to the Adelaide Central Markets, found their stall and bought myself some more! *

This is Bloody Good! I’m giving it my highest rating, for it’s texture, flavour and price.

Price: $55/kg ($5.50/100g)
Ingredients: Beef, Salt, Spices, Sugar, Sodium Nitrate (250)

Nutrition Information
Avg Qty / 100g
Energy 672kj
Protein 27.4g
Fat, Total 5.2g
– Saturated 2.3g
Carbohydrate, total 0.8g
– sugars 0.5g
Sodium 1320mg
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