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Dec 01 2009

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D.Jay’s Mild Pepper Biltong

Mild Pepper Biltong in the packet

I couldn’t resist when I stopped to get the other jerky I knew I’d want something better so I thought I might try the hard version of D.Jay’s Mild Pepper Biltong. This doesn’t come ready sliced, it’s the real deal, a long ‘rope’ of meat and as you’ll see in the picture below it doesn’t skimp on the flavouring with coriander seeds embedded in the meat. Ripping the top off this packet I don’t get a sweet smell at all, I get a really nice savoury meat smell, like a pepper steak, or a schnitzel with pepper sauce. The stick […]

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D.Jays Mild Pepper Soft Biltong

Mild Pepper Biltong Packet

Today I tried something new. I saw this product hanging next to other Jerky at my local servo and thought it sounded pretty tasty, but I’d never heard of Biltong before so I gave it a miss to start with. Later, I visited the company website and saw that it’s a South African dish, so I asked a South African friend if she’d like some and she was over the moon! Anyway, let’s get to the good stuff. I bought some of the hard variety for her, and some of the soft for myself. The packet I opened today is […]

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