Jerky Report

Nov 27 2009


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Q. Who are you guys?

A. Just two regular guys from Adelaide, Australia with a taste for dried meat snacks. We both like different style jerky, so you should see some interesting debates.

Q. Can I send you a review?

A. We’d rather you sent us the Jerky! Drop us a line and we’ll give you a postal address.

Q. Can I send you some Jerky?

A. See above! Well actually, probably not 🙁  Currently Australian customs restricts the import of non-canned meat products from everywhere except New Zealand. So we’d love to try your Jerky, but you’re going to have to fly us out of here first!

If you’re a New Zealand based company, please send us some Jerky, we’d to taste it, and next time I’m in France I’ll see what I can taste while there.

Q. Where does the nutritional information come from?

A. This is simply retyped from the panel on the packet. It’s standard Australian labelling. I’ve just abbreviated it to show the values per 100g. This information is from the packet we tasted! No responsibility is taken for changes to this information or for typing or other errors.

Q. Where do you get your jerky?

A. As we kick off the site we’re buying it ourselves. But we really hope that we’ll be sent some Jerky from other locals to try and write about.

Q. Are you making any money from this?

A. No, I wish. If companies want to advertise we will welcome that, and we’re happy to provide affiliate links. Any tech worth his salt will be able to find the email address of the webmaster to make the right enquiries. Of course, it will always be clear if a link is an advert or an affiliate link!

Q. How can I advertise on Jerky Report?

A. We are looking into different mechanisms at the moment. We intend to offer direct advertising through banner ads. If you have an affiliate program for you online store we’d love to join. Currently our Alexa page rank is:   we are also able to supply other stats such as unique visitor counts and daily page views.