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Nov 27 2009

Privacy Policy

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The Jerky Report website and blog is a publication of TGL Multimedia
TGL Multimedia has established the following privacy policy, which applies to all web properties it owns. This is a statement of intent only, while we make all efforts to conform with the goals set out below we offer no guarantee of compliance.

Committment to Privacy

TGL Multimedia. is committed to ensuring the privacy for all persons:

We are committed to ensuring the privacy of our visitors

We are committed to ensuring the privacy of any persons described on our web properties.

We are committed to ensuring the privacy of any persons who communicate with us.
TGL Multimedia does not exchange personally identifying information to any outside or associated parties, without prior authorisation from the identified person(s).

Collection of Personal Information

TGL Multimedia does not collect personally identifying information from it users of any kind, without the user’s knowledge, with the exception to the following:

The web servers which our web properties are hosted on collect information such as each visitor’s IP address. This information is used solely to identify how many unique visitors are using our web properties. We do not make any attempts to trace the IP address to any specific person. Moreover, we do not provide this information to any parties outside of TGL Multimedia.

If our users click on an advertisement, the advertisers who advertise on our web properties may place cookies on our user’s computers. No cookies will be placed simply by visiting one of our web properties. These advertisers have made assurances that these cookies will not be used to send unsolicited communication, will not be used to personally identify our users, and any information collected by these cookies will not be shared with TGL Multimedia, or with organisations outside of these advertisers.

TGL Multimedia does not place any kind of “spyware” or “adware” or malicious software, or any kind of unauthorised material on its users computers.

Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

While TGL Multimedia realises that persons of any age are capable of visiting our web properties, we do not publish material intended for persons aged 14 years or younger. All material we publish is intended for adult audiences.