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Territory Jerky – Hot Beef Jerky

Hot Beef Jerky Packet

Again, it’s ‘The Natural Taste of The Territory” whatever that means. I’m onto my second packet of beef jerky for the night, this one a spicier variety that I’m very familiar with. It has been a while however, and I sure wasn’t thinking about critiquing the stuff last time I hoed into a packet. The smell of this was definitely better than the camel. A meaty, earthy smoked aroma which reminded me more of a good campfire than the random burning of a bushfire. Pulling it out of the packet it’s almost as dry as the camel, that is to […]

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Territory Jerky – Camel Jerky

Camel Jerky Packet

I’ll warn you straight away, this first review is not a glowing one. After deciding to put this site together I stopped of at a servo on the way home which I know has a pretty decent range of Jerky. I grabbed a packet of each of the Australian Territory Jerky flavours and headed home. I started with the Camel Jerky because I knew it would be a mild flavour and not knock my taste buds for a six like I expect the hotter varieties to. Now Territory Jerky is an old favourite of mine. In fact I’ve always considered […]

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